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The Best Day in Taipei

26 Oct

I ventured around Jungle Hill for over two hours this past Sunday. The weather was so nice I named¬† it The Best Day in Taipei. I only had my camera phone with me, so please excuse the quality and deception due to all the shadows created by the plentiful foliage. Don’t worry, they come fully captioned, so sit back and relax while I share with you my Jungle Hill experience.¬† Then in Part II I’ll show the street sights on my route from Jungle Hill to Good Morning restaurant to our apartment.

So, it turns out the Taiwanese did not name it "Jungle Hill", though if you don't mind I will continue to refer to it as such, especially since memorizing the spelling of that F word seems time consuming Of course now that I've said that, I'll probably remember it. As for pronunciation, that's a bit harder: the "zh" makes a sound similar to the combination of a "j" and "g", for example. FYI, as soon as you enter this park you are walking up a significant incline and will eventually come to stairs and then more stairs and then more stairs.

I saw many of these red flowers throughout the park.

After climbing A LOT of stairs, this is the view. Look at that nearly cloudless sky!!! Incredible anywhere and rare for Taipei. Once again, the tallest building is the 101. Look behind it to see the mountains that surround Taipei along the western edge. I've taken a couple of night photos from one of those mountains.

At first glance you see only the closest set of stairs, but in the distance the stairs continue and continue and continue. That's what I had just climbed to see the view in the previous photo. What is most astonishing is who was also up there with me: old people meditating and sitting around.


These two not as old people are doing stretching/yoga. The man stopped to stare at me, hopefully out of curiosity, not annoyance.

Stretching/workout stations are up here too.

This may or may not bore you, but I was curious to whether or not these rules are different from what might been seen at a state or national park in the United States. What do you think?

More stairs I just walked up. Check out the view of the city in the corner.

And more ahead!

Tree with an interesting complexion.

A nice grassy knoll greets you at the top. I've been to this area before, but I reached it from the other direction.

Under a pavilion on the grassy knoll. These two girls were being very secretive and cute until the men with the dogs showed up and they tried to act all nonchalant.

These rows of similar aged trees suggest that they city planted them. Why there was a need for trees here, I don't know.

I feel giddy when I find an English mistake, which is often here. He he, "slipper". On another note, this photo buys me the right to call it Jungle Hill.

Yep, looks super slipper alright.

Taking that path, I came to a little area with hulla hoops, a plastic chair, and this bamboo bed hanging off the edge of the hill. When you lie in it, which I did for 20 minutes, the wind rushes up through the poles and gives you the odd sensation of not being on solid ground at all. Then you get to thinking about how sturdy this random bamboo thing really is... but you lie in it while you mull it over.

Just so you know, crossing paths with people on Jungle Hill is fairly common though not overly so. About 1/3rd of the people are carrying umbrellas to prevent darkening their skin. I didn't wear sunscreen, and my skin wasn't noticeably darker, but many Taiwanese people are very cautious during outdoor activities.

This man was making brooms up here. He smiled when he saw me photographing him.

Jade, what are these called?! They are soooo pink and vibrant.

This is just a little taste of what's to come in Part II - The Neighborhood in Which We Live. Dun Dun Dun...