How Nice!

21 Nov

Change "Person" to "Country" and change "the week" to "all time" and you have the perfect ribbon to award Taiwan. Seriously. But, I've only been to about six countries, so I'm up for other suggestions before I formally present this ribbon to them in three days.

Did you know…

That a month ago I dropped my wallet in the street and a lady found it, contacted me through my bank, and then insisted on delivering it to my work that day?

That tonight a Taiwanese family took me to Outback Steakhouse in case I was homesick for American food?

That yesterday I went to the regular doctor for treatment of tight neck and shoulder muscles and received the following: acupuncture for fifteen minutes, hot compress for fifteen minutes, electrode suction cup machine for fifteen minutes, massage for fifteen minutes, and a special blend of herb medicine all for $7 USD? They told me to come back everyday or every other day. Geeeeeeeeez! By the way, I wouldn’t ever have gone to the doctor for tight neck muscles back home, I just heard that the doctors here will massage you for an affordable price, so I wanted to see for myself. Yep, it’s true. The doctor is less than five minutes walking distance from our apartment, too. YIPPEEE.

In case you’re curious, we pay 11% of our income in taxes right now (6% of which we’ll get back once we file our tax return). And, once we are in this country for a consecutive 183 days, we’ll only have to pay 5% in taxes.


One Response to “How Nice!”

  1. Jeanne November 28, 2011 at 6:40 am #

    They deserve the medal.

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