What Is Important to You?

8 Oct

The things I say about my experiences teaching 7th grade language arts in Texas aren’t the most cheery. But, they are true, and they are important.

Education is important.

Carrie and I have been throwing around ideas for what we should do next after teaching here in Taiwan. Go to Thailand, Spain? Get our masters and go teach at a community college? I have thought about pursuing something with writing and not education. But education is so important, and our students in Texas are not being given what they deserve. They are bored and frustrated. The language arts teachers, and many others, are overworked. Do I want to join back in one day? Do I want to feel frustrated again? If I’m not part of the solution, am I part of the problem?

The last entry on this blog has been thoroughly revised and edited. I am less tired right now and figured out how to make more sense. I know when I write about education I take the risk of just being a ranting fool. I’d like to turn my rants into action one day. It’s just recently dawning on me that that which confuses you the most often has the potential to motivate you the most too.

The book I just finished said that being angry and passionate about something leads to great progress in one’s career and life. I thought it led to a heart attack and people trying to get away from you, but I think I’m changing my mind. I can’t go through life ignoring everything so that I’m not THAT girl, the one who’s always barking about ________ (politics,  education, lack of culture, whatever). Because then I just end up being the bland girl who doesn’t stand for anything. If fear is involved at all, it should drive me, not hold me back.

What are you passionate about? If you’re scared of passion like I’ve been, then maybe you can’t even answer that question.

If I can combine my passion with tact and class, these are two abundant qualities here in Taiwan, things will be great.

Passion will get you the client, and tact will seal the deal.

For passion, visit America. For tact, visit Taiwan.


One Response to “What Is Important to You?”

  1. Jeanne Koenig Clark October 14, 2011 at 10:33 am #

    What you expressed in this post is an excellent piece of writing.

    Love, Dad

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