My Students Rock

16 Sep

My students are ADORABLE. They listen to me, hug me, and play well together. We learned a song for the school awards assembly, and they were so cute preforming it today. I can’t believe I can even type these words on a Friday night at ten pm. My seventh graders were awesome, and I loved them, too, but I was so exhausted on Fridays that in order to keep my sanity, I couldn’t think about them for one more second after walking out of that building. The stack of papers to grade would haunt me all weekend.

I finally feel sane about how my last job felt like a disease. The post-traumatic-like stress that I was having is passing. I feel good. When this year started, my natural reaction was to feel stressed and overwhelmed about the anticipated duties, but those fears never materialized. Sure, I’m tired and there are many responsibilities popping up all the time: PTA (which is really open house), bi-weekly reports, home reading program, etc, but overall, I feel good. I hope my students feel good too.

Photos and details of our jobs to come!


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