Pool Party

3 Sep

Last Saturday Carrie and I went to a pool party in southern Taipei. Girls got in free before 3pm. Guys had to pay about $10 USD. There was a bar, hamburgers, music, pool volleyball and basketball, and huge slides. The view to the west of the pool was pretty sweet, and we took several photos. Afterwards we went to a restaurant I will definitely be back to again since it is near our house and DElicious.


Wai, Carrie, and me. Wai's dress is tucked into her bathing suit because she was using her poi as seen in the next photo

Wai with her poi

Carrie and Wai looking at the water slides



Duncan, me, David, and Jeremy. Carrie found this on the website of the people who put on this pool party


It's fairly common for Taiwanese males to blow dry their hair, and I couldn't resist taking a photo of these boys. The one on the right just finished.

The delicious restaurant

Included in the price at the delicious restauarant is all you can eat ice cream. And, it's really good unlike a lot of other ice cream we've had here. Carrie is pretending to use the forkspoon her boyfriend Shaun sent her in the mail recently. We now know it takes 6 weeks for mail to reach us!


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