Everything is A-Okay

9 Aug

Mom, this one is for you so that you will stop emailing me in what have become anxious tones.

1.) I am alive

2.) Carrie is alive

3.) Carrie’s students have finished their workbooks. The workbooks are sent home at the end of the semester (this Friday), and the parents expect the phonics lessons etc to have been completed. BUUUUT, Carrie took over from a girl who had taken over from a girl… and basically, those girls probably didn’t know the significance of the workbooks. We know this because the workbooks were mostly blank. Carrie had to spend the last few weeks doing nothing but having the students complete them. It was boring and difficult for her, but it’s over now! Also, since this seems to be talk about Carrie time, I’ll mention that the other night she met our friends at a club, a new one (club) that we hadn’t been to yet, and the report the next day was that it was one of the most fun nights she’s had yet. Apparently the music there is better (not so pop I would guess), and girls get in free with free drinks all night as long as you show up before 11:30pm. Oh, and Carrie’s coworker, a really fun guy, is taking us to a city/village in the mountains that has amazing hiking trails and views. YIPPEEE!

4.) I have been sleeping a lot because I am fighting off a cold (another one), but since my immune system is not weakened like it was after the food poisoning, I don’t think this cold will be bad. I am feeling better already.

5.) Last Saturday was the graduation show for all three JumpStart schools. Each of the schools put on a play and then all the graduating kids gave speeches. First was Carrie’s school with their Wizard of Oz rendition. Then my previous sub job school (the onel I will be at permanently come September 1st) with a play about Humpty Dumpty. If you’re wondering how there can be a play about a fat egg that sits on a wall, I will send you the script. It happened, and the costumes were hilarious and adorable. And last, was my current school with a play based on The Breakfast Club mixed, for some reason, with a boxing theme. Anyway, it all went very well. I met many parents, and they were all very amiable and gracious.

6.) I am learning Chinese! David (that is is real name; Daniel does not exist) is teaching me Be, Pe, Me, Fe… which is the alphabet. In case you are going to try to learn it from this blog, the “e” is a “u” sound, so rhyme everything with DUH! But make sure to speak in the FIRST TONE! or David will firmly but patiently remind you by saying, “Tones, tones!” with such frequency that you start to feel like an idiot for not being able to sound like a robot. More on this later.

7.) The last entry about Taiwanese students versus American needs a good edit and revision. In my tired state, I wasn’t very clear. I have a lot more to say that I didn’t really convey. That topic requires a lot more thought anyway, so I’ll mull it over in the next few weeks and get back to you.

8.) I had my first “I miss my old life” cry this past Sunday. I can’t say that it’s too logical because I don’t miss the drought or being overworked or the way many boyfriends treat their girlfriends there. But this is what I do miss:

I miss having my own vehicle and deciding when to leave.

I miss reading restaurant signs and menus. “Let’s go to the one with that soup” or “with the noodles” or “the 50 dollar one” gets old.

I miss understanding all the conversations around me.

I miss shrimp that’s already peeled.

I miss sausage that doesn’t taste like VERY sickening sweet, lard chunks.

I miss macaroni and cheese.

I miss being able to read the packaging of food and products. Was there any actual fruit in that banana milk I drank today? Possibly not. Tasted like the Quick Mix my sister and I were in love with growing up. There is a reason my parents never whipped up a glass of that stuff. It’s disgusting. I drank the whole banana milk in about 2 minutes tops, though. Carrie hadn’t even sad down with her mystery drink yet. It turned out to be a form of root beer. Score!

I miss you if your name begins with J, E, S, D, L, or M. Ha ha just kidding, P too.

Overall, I am happy to be here, but for whatever reason, I just needed to mope a bit lately. I was told this feeling would come. People said you will feel euphoric at first, then sad, then you will begin to get used to things and feel regular. I DONT WANT to feel regular! Bu yao! I want to feel euphoric. I am going to fly back to the states and start again. It’s cheaper than some drugs in the long run.

Did you notice that Chinese I wrote in Pinyin? It means “I don’t want” By the way, I’ve heard Japanese is easier to learn because there are no tones and it’s more phonetic. This actually makes sense to me now. It means I would actually have a chance! The Japanese are very beautiful and cute BUT It’s more expensive there and they aren’t as nice to foreigners… and, well, the radiation can’t be all rumor can it? Some are saying there is not radiation, but maybe they have already been affected by the radiation and are under a spell and cannot be trusted. Similar to zombies. ? Is this rude? I mean it in a nice way- zombies are special, bless their hearts.


5 Responses to “Everything is A-Okay”

  1. Jeanne August 9, 2011 at 11:41 pm #

    WHAT? Me WORRY? Thank you so much for this nice blog. I am now officially NOT anxious! Well, I am still anxious about a lot of things, but not YOU. Nope. No way.

    I am really curious about a play for preschool kids that mixes The Breakfast Club (you mean that old teen movie?) with a boxing theme. Can you ask someone to please post this on youtube?

    Love you and miss you!!!! xxxxxxxxoooooooo

    Mom (what’s pinyin for mom?)

  2. jade August 10, 2011 at 3:33 am #

    MEM! I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling homesick. I’m sending you a huge bear hug straight from my dad’s computer to your laptop. And then a massage. As soon as you see this comment, you’ll be blasted backwards by the intensity of said hug. I’ve never sent a massage through the interwebs so it may not be as effective.

    Glad to hear Carrie had a great night at da club.

    Can’t wait to hear more about The Breakfast Club with boxing.

    I love you, Emily. Hang in there. I miss you! I’ll send you a long email soon.

    • Emily Clark August 14, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

      I totally felt that hug! Thanks for being so generous with your powers. Maybe we can practice having high five time soon? I love you too Jade!
      P.S. David wants to be in the Water Club, ask Elysia and get back to me.

  3. hsiaochun August 11, 2011 at 1:38 am #

    Dear Emily,

    it’s hsiaochun, the wired girl from Taipei Homestay.
    I can feel how you feel at this moment…( but it comes too fast…ha)
    It’s totally different culture in a different country, isn’t it?
    So, please enjoy those missing home thing, when you back to your place, it will be the best memory you have in here.
    I love you when you said you miss everything in USA.
    I love you and Carrie when you two were so happy and exciting in Taipei or Taiwan.


    miss two of you …^_^

    • Emily Clark August 14, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

      You are not weird Hsiachun! Speaking of not weird, I have a great photo of you and Merlin! I will send it pronto. Thanks for your advice about how I should enjoy missing the U.S. I am going to embrace it.

      Let’s hang out soon! Can I come over this week? That’s kind of a weird request, but I have most of next week off, and well, I want to meet your house and baby.

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