Silly Facebook

30 Jul

This is what it says at the top of my Facebook profile:

Do you have a Chinese name?
You can now show your Chinese name on your profile to people using Facebook in Chinese, while still displaying Emily Clark to everyone else.
Silly Facebook, Chinese names are for Chinese people! Unless a Taiwanese person gives me one…
By the way, I have been learning tons about the culture here, and will fill you in soon. Here’s a little tantalizing bit while you wait: If you tell a company that you did not receive a receipt, they have to print another one and pay the taxes all over again on that transaction. This is why they delivered our cable bill receipt in person to our apartment, scaring the bejeezus out of us. Well, Carrie just kept Skyping while I ran around wrapped in a towel. See what happens is that our little fake telephone rings, and I go to it and press random buttons because I don’t yet know how it works.
I suppose by the third time the people realized I am not coming down, and that they should find a way to come up. To enter the apartment building, one has to have a beeper thing (unless I beep them in which I guess maybe I did?), and one has to have a beeper thing to use the elevator. So they must’ve coerced another tenant into pressing floor six. Then they knocked on our door and delivered three papers to my face as it peeked around the door. Why there were two people doing this delivery is beyond me. Anyway, the whole thing was very mysterious to us especially since we can’t read the papers.
Daniel told me recently, though, that they are receipts not bills which seemed more strange because they seemed even less important and not worth an in-person delivery. THAT’s when he explained the value of receipts here. Which brings us full circle. Oh, but I have something else to add. They do a lottery with the receipts, so everyone saves their store receipts, and checks online every two months to see if they won money. Tabitha has won a considerable amount over the course of two years. I’ll get back to you on the actual amount, but I remember thinking, “That is so worth it! No wonder the clerks always look at me weird when I ask them to throw the receipt away.”

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  1. Linda July 30, 2011 at 9:01 pm #

    Pretty dang smart actually!!!

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