Carrie’s Thumb and other stuff (of course)

16 Jul

Welcome back! That is directed to me. I’ve missed this place, my word processor. I have been a bit busy starting a new substitute position at a new school, hanging out with friends, and getting food poisoning.

First, about my new substitute position: it is at the smallest and supposedly most organized school of the three Jump Starts. I miss my old school which is good because that is where I will actually be placed come September.  It’s not that there’s anything wrong with this second Jump Start. In fact, my new students are little language geniuses. At least four of these 3 year olds can spell their name and many three letter words like “map” and “cat”. They can basically read a little. They are at the level of a beginning kindergartner, or maybe the end of kindergarten?? Erika, let me know about this. Anyway, by the time they are actually five years old, they will be reading short books, no doubt. But, I just miss my little Blue Class from the other school. I grew attached. I am going to post photos of them, and you will see what I mean. I will get most of these same students when they move up in a few months; we will be called Purple Class. I appreciate purple, so this is why I accepted the position. The students are a bit confused by the whole ordeal though,

“Okay, so why do we have a star on the calendar here, Blue Class?”

“Because that’s when Teacher Victoria comes back?!”

“Yes! Good job.”

“Teacher Emily,… you?”

“I will come back in September”, pointing to the month on the wall, “and I might be your teacher again!”

“In Blue Class?”

“No, you will be in Purple Class then”

Blank, uncomprehending stares. I guess they’ll understand when on September 1st the teachers herd them into the class that has a big purple sign on the door. I can’t wait!!

About my friends, they are awesome. Tabitha got a mask kiss (he was wearing a mask) and a rub down from the male dancer at the club last weekend. He kept singling her out, eventually pulling her up on stage. He also pulled a guy up on stage and gave him the rub down too. I laughed pretty much through the guy’s whole performance.

I bought some very Taiwanese clothes like a little dress/shirt thing. Carrie has bought some of these types of things too. She is cutting many of them to make them into shirts or short sleeved, though, because shirts, not cute dresses are her priority. I can’t believe they even have the audacity to sell long sleeved items here in the summer.

Tonight my friend Daniel is taking me to his friend’s house for a dinner get-together. Apparently two people he used to work with dropped the news finally that they’ve been dating for a year without telling anyone. They are about 7 years apart in age; the girl is older than the guy who is 25. I think it’s cute how long they kept it a secret. I can’t wait to meet them. I would’ve met them yesterday for lunch, but when I puked as we were leaving the apartment, Daniel and I both figured it best if I just go home. I guess I had food poisoning. Too bad because if that place didn’t now remind me of the toilet, I would definitely go back.

After running a fever and having no intake of food or water for a whole day, Carrie came home from work and told me that there’s a black, leather couch downstairs for the taking. Oooo, I thought. Must have. So we went down and attempted to get it in the building, in the elevator, out of the elevator, and into the apartment. The first two steps were the killer. The building part involved us breaking the door a little which the security guard was able to fix with only minimal scrapping of the nice granite floor. Then, when it was time to get it into the elevator, Carrie and I turned in to the saddest pair you’ve ever saw, or read about.

The elevator is like a New York business lady, very quick and impatient. While this is very nice when you are late to work, it is very inconvenient when you are trying to put a couch in her. Hmm. Let’s just have the elevator be an inanimate object again. Okay, so we tried shoving the couch in, but the elevator doors insisted on closing, or trying to close no matter what we did. So, we decided to try to put the couch in a different way, but before we were really ready, the other elevator opened up and we decided to go for it. Somehow in all the pushing and shoving, Carrie’s thumb got completely smashed between the couch and the elevator corner. She was in immense pain. I could tell because she was pretending to be okay, and then she was jumping around, and then she was saying she might pass out. After a bit of waiting, both of us sitting so that we don’t fall down, I was like, Okay, it’s now or never. So the elevator door opens, a Taiwanese girl enters the building, accurately determines that we are most unfit for doing whatever we’re trying to do, and offers to help. We say, “Yes”, but she wasn’t exactly helpful because she was very small and possibly afraid of getting dirty or hurt? Or, maybe she lost a bit of generosity when she saw the crazy in Carrie’s eyes and the throw-up chunks in my hair? Anyway, Carrie was not even helping, she was just standing there next to equally useless Taiwanese girl. I was in the elevator pressing “open” to keep the doors open. This elevator was a bit more cooperative, but that only left me with one hand to shimmy the couch into the elevator. Somehow it happened. I think Carrie might have pushed a bit too. Then, getting it out of the elevator and into our apartment was relatively easy. We left it standing up on its side in the middle of the doorway and both went to lay down. Carrie’s thumb still has a chunk of dried blood oozing out and the nail is black. It is going to fall off. We can laugh about it now because I’m feeling better, her thumb just feels like a dead piece of wood, and we have a pretty awesome, FREE leather couch, so HA!


4 Responses to “Carrie’s Thumb and other stuff (of course)”

  1. Linda July 17, 2011 at 1:06 am #

    Now I’m going to throw up!!!! Carrie!!!!

  2. Jeanne July 17, 2011 at 3:41 am #

    Most of the time when I write “LOL” I really didn’t, but this time I did. Very funny, Em! Except for the part about Carrie’s thumb, of course. OUCH!

  3. Marli Bardell July 17, 2011 at 8:05 am #

    OUCH! Nick just smashed his thumb last week as well (Oozing blood, blackish/whitish nail, the works). Keep up the great posts!

  4. Erika July 28, 2011 at 1:20 am #

    Craziness….and I would expect nothing less from you two. 🙂 Sounds like your kids do have beginning kindergarten language skills. Impressive, especially considering it’s not even their native language. Sounds like a fun job!

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