Our New Apartment!

20 Jun

We have a big day today: meeting with our employer (I start my first sub position in two days and Carrie meets her temporary boss at the Elementary School part of the company), getting the keys after signing the contract for a 12 month lease of our apartment, and going back to IKEA to get the beds and kitchen table we picked out.

We might not have internet for a while because it may take a bit to get it set up at the new place. Don’t despair; I have posted a link where you can view our apartment as it looks on the for sale listing. I’m not sure how long this link will work:


Luckily the ladies at our favorite hostel (their names are Kay and Xiaochen) took about 2 hours or more out of their day on Saturday to pour over the adds on this website and then when they saw a good deal, they called them right then, setting up an immediate appointment for us all to go meet the landlord at the apartment. It is within walking distance of this hostel which is good since we know and like this area (Da’an District). The landlord doesn’t speak ANY English, so it is very good that we had them to translate for us. We can’t afford to pay the whole 3 months rent move in amount at once (mostly because we have a lot of trouble accessing our U.S. funds), so they negotiated for us to pay one month rent today, and the rest ASAP. Yippeeee!

The problem with accessing our funds is that we can only get out 6000 at once (like 200 or so), and it was difficult to figure out which ATM would work best for each of us. I have to use the one at 711 and Carrie uses the one at SinoPac Bank. It might be that mine works at many ATMs, but once you try it at one, it will be declined at others because Wells Fargo is only allowing us to pull out that amount each day. Lame. What if I was a millionaire trying to live it up in Taipei? I guess I’d probably have some other kind of account named gold-plated VISA that isn’t worried about being compromised because it’s so fancy.


One Response to “Our New Apartment!”

  1. Jeanne June 20, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    The apartment looks fabulous…and really big. Is it two bedroom? Good luck at your new school.

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