9 Jun

Woah because my brain in shutting down.

TAIWAN because we finally made it.

Here is a list; lists are easy:

1.) We are going to bed now. It i8:30 pm (7:30 am in USA)

2.) We are staying at a hostel called Taiwan Homestay

3.) The ladies who own the hostel have been invaluable. I will elaborate on this more, but we basically got a tour and visited about 5 cell phone shops with them as they tried to help us get a working cell phone. It didn’t work, but we’ll worry about that tomorrow. They barely allowed us to pay for their dinner which was only a $1.80 each for more food than I could eat. I got to choose four different dishes and it came with sticky rice (the healthy kind that is mixed with stuff… more on what stuff is later) and miso soup. A random guy in line in front of us brought us all our soup. Then when he left the restaurant, he came and told us that next time he sees all of us he will give us his email address.

4.) I’ve memorized about 7 different Chinese words already (from studying on the plane) and am getting fairly good at learning the code us westerners have to use to pronounce Chinese since we can’t read the symbols. The code (Pinyin) is not exactly obvious. For example, “q” is a “ch” sound and “z” is “ds” unless it has an “h” after it in which case it’s “g”. When the hostel ladies were teaching us how to say I am very happy, I actually already knew the words for I am very, so it was easy to learn happy. Wo hen ki ching (I hope no one who knows Pinyin reads that though because I know I didn’t spell “happy” correctly; I am just going off of sound). The other words I know I definitely can’t spell, so I’ll just tell you them in English for now: Hello, My name is Emily, Thank you, excuse me, yes, and no.

Goodnight šŸ™‚



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